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Anonymous: hey i was wondering if you know much about brandon like his birthday, hometown etc just stuff that i feel like i should know about him.. also do you know what his twitter is thanks so much xo

I’ve been really busy and haven’t been able to keep up much with the boys so I don’t know much about Brandon yet. Sorry!

I hope you find a way to be yourself someday.

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Anonymous: K so I'm going to the nbhd concert tomorrow and I'm stumped on what to wear! I think I might go with black high waisted disco pants and a grey crop top and a black / dark blue flannel around my waist... Opinions??? (Plus if you have any advise it would help) x :)

Wear something comfortable! Nothing too hot like jackets cause it gets hot  in the crowds. I mean that outfit you described sounds good to me. I’d get there early so your chances of being up in the front are higher and just incase they don’t take card I’d bring cash to buy merch. 

Anonymous: whos jesse dating?

I believe her name is Ingrid.


Brandon Fried x

Welcome to The Neighbourhood Brandon. 

-jakewilliams: Hey, it would be awesome if you could check out an acoustic cover that my roommate and I released of Sweater Weather. It's up on my blog now! If not, sorry for bothering you! Thanks. (:

AMAZING!!! Reblogging now! :) 

Anonymous: I'm always kinda new to the band and I don't know who's who ? Can you put pictures with there names?

From left to right: Bryan (former drummer), Mikey, Jesse, Zach, Jeremy

Anonymous: Hey, do you maybe know the birthday of each member? :) and I feel really stupid for asking but like, they don't have a drummer since Bryan left, right? but they aren't breaking up, they're going to find a new drummer right? or is there already a new one? I'm sorry I'm kind of new haha.. xx

Zach - July 3, 1992

Jesse - Aug 21, 1991

Mikey - Oct 3, 1993

Jeremy - July 2, 1992

& yes as far as I know there isn’t an official new drummer, it doesnt look like the remaining boys plan on breaking up the band and they’re probably just looking for a new drummer that will be a right fit for the band. Hope that answered all your questions!